Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More on Rosetta

So far this year, I've been pretty obsessive about three albums: Eyes Like Brontide by Lights Out Asia, Precambrian by The Ocean, and the Galilean Satellites by Rosetta, featured in my first blog. If you've been reading so far (haha! as if!) you'll remember that that album consisted of two discs, one spacey drone metal and one ambient, that could be played simultaneously to create a beautiful, layered effect. So I decided I'd post another song from that album, in its (instrumental) metal form, its ambient form, and in its gloriously combined form. At around 5:00 in, the sound gets so dense, it sounds like it's about to roar out of your speakers. You just need to hear it...



Beta Aquilae


Absent/Beta Aquilae


Buy this album (hint: it's worth it):

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  1. This is very nice music. I like the complexity and the ambiantiousness of these tracks. I give it two thumbs up.