Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rosetta-The Galilean Satellites

So you know that feeling you get when you're floating endlessly through space, contemplating the meaning of the universe as you bridge the great nothingness between interstellar objects? No? Well me neither. But if I had experienced that feeling, I'm certain I would have been listening to Rosetta's gargantuan album, 'The Galilean Satellites'. Rosetta's sound can best be encapsulated in a quote from the band themselves: "metal for astronauts. Combining ferocious post-metal sludge in the vein of Isis and Neurosis with droning ambience, the 2-hour double disc set is quite a journey in and of itself. Upon closer inspection, the listener ripping the CD to their computer will notice that the post-metal first disc and completely ambient second disc have identical track lengths. The revelation to this oddity is that both discs are made to be played simultaneously, with the ambient disc providing texture and added depth to the droning ferocity of the first disc. The combined effect is something monumental in the genre (and yes, i know Neurosis did something like this years ago). While both discs are great on their own, combining the two creates a truly epic wall of sound that is unparalleled in its density and subtlety.




The enigmatic piano intro to this 15-minute monster is soon joined by clean-picked guitar and grooving bass, then explodes into the signature Rosetta sound with vocals and layered distortion. Like most pieces from this band, it's basically the same riff played over and over again with flourishes along the way, but the raw composing talent of the band keeps it from ever becoming dull for a moment. The overall effect this beautiful drone has on the listener is to absorb him into a sort of trance associated with post-rock or shoegaze. The piano can always be heard playing its relentlessly catchy melody under the fortress of guitar and desperate screams, and the ambient section at the end with spoken words fizzles out with a perfect atmosphere of loneliness and bleakness.

Band's Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/rosetta

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  1. Interesting, I like this music. Actually... this was very good. I listened to the whole thing and I thought that it was very interesting. I must now wonder how you run into music like this.